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Mezcal is a distilled spirit that is made up from the heart of agave plant (not cactus), found in Mexico. There are a lot of misconceptions about this drink as many think a Mezcal bottle needs to have a worm inside it, which is not true. It is a marketing ploy, basically for tourists. Plus, such bottles contain cheap liquor. Like its brother Tequila, Mezcal is also made up of Agave Plant. However, it doesn't have a geographical constraint as it can be legally produced anywhere in Mexico. The taste of a Mezcal is highly varied and depends on a lot of factors such as the species of agave plants used, the type of fruits (or herbs) mixed during fermentation and the distillation process used. Mezcals are usually sipped neat, like Tequila. However, you can also use it to create some complex cocktails. And with a lot of Mexican Producers producing it, you can find a great selection of Mezcals in America. At Oaks Liquors, we have hand-picked some of the finest Mezcal bottles to stimulate your taste buds. Buy the most popular brands of Mezcal including Del Maguey, Octomore, Creyente at the lowest prices.

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Los Vecinos Tobala Mezcal
ABV 46.0% | 750.0 ML
Fosforo Tobala Penca Mezcal
ABV 43.0% | 750.0 ML
Fosforo Puebla Tobala Mezcal
ABV 45.0% | 750.0 ML
Exiliado Mezcal Espadin Artesanal
ABV 46.0% | 750.0 ML
Exiliado Mezcal Tobasiche Artesanal
ABV 47.0% | 750.0 ML
El Silencig Espadin Mezcal
ABV 43.0% | 750.0 ML
Alipus Santa Ana Mezcal
ABV 42.0% | 750.0 ML
Alipus San Juan Mezcal
ABV 47.4% | 750.0 ML
El Jolgorio Madrecuishe Mezcal
ABV 48.5% | 750.0 ML
El Jolgono Pechuga Mezcal
ABV 47.8% | 750.0 ML
Craneo Organic Mezcal
ABV 42.0% | 750.0 ML
23 records found | Page 1 of 2
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