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Port Wine

Port Wine is a sweet and red Portuguese Fortified wine that is exclusively produced in the mountain regions of the Douro Valley in northern Portugal. Now, a wine that is fortified has distilled spirit, normally brandy, added to it during the production process to enhance its flavor. Now, Port Wine is unarguably the greatest variety of Fortified wines. It is not just sweet but has a very rich taste, so is consumed mostly as a dessert wine. There are different styles of Port Wines such as red, white, rosť and an aged style called Tawny Port. Many similar port styled Fortified wines are also produced in many other countries than Portugal. Where in Europe, only the wines produced in Portugal can be called Port Wines, there is no such case in the United States. Here, wines labeled "PortĒ can come from any corner of the world. And that is why most of the Port Wine you find in the supermarket is of average quality. However, at Oaks Liquors, we have hand-picked the finest variety of Port Wines including Grahams Port, Fonseca Port, Cockburns Port, Taylor Port for our customers at the lowest prices.

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Taylor Fladgate Vintage Porto 40 Year Old

Volume: 750 ML | Distillery: N.S. | Age: N.S. | ABV: 20.0%

Established over three centuries ago in 1692, Taylorís is one of the oldest Port houses and is regarded as the... More ›

Krohn Porto 20 Year Old

Krohn Porto 20 Year Old

Volume: 750 ML | Distillery: N.S. | Age: 2 Year | ABV: 20.5%

Krohn Porto is matured in wood casks for 20 years. Bottled in 2009. A product of Portugal. More ›


Graham's Tawny Porto 40 Year Old

Volume: 750 ML | Distillery: N.S. | Age: 40 Year | ABV: 20.0%

Graham's Tawny Porto 40 Year Old is produced by the fourth generation of the Symington family. Matured in... More ›


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