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Liqueur is made up by flavoring the distilled spirit with wide range of things such as fruit, herbs, cream, nuts, flowers or exotic spices and bottled with added sugar or sweetener to enhance its taste. No wonder, it is gaining tremendous popularity among the spirits lovers lately. The word Liqueur is taken from the Latin liquefacere, that means liquefy. According to US Law, liqueur must contain 2.5 percent added sugar in addition to the customized flavorings. So, Liqueurs are the most versatile and customizable category of spirits that includes everything from Irish Cream to Raspberry and Cinnamon. And they can be sipped neat or taken as shots, but mostly are mixed with other spirits in cocktails. Explore and choose from our exclusive range of Liqueur including top brands like that are hand-picked for you. Buy the most popular brands of Liqueur including Grand Marnier, Chartreuse, Cointreau at the lowest prices.

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Dream Catcher Irish Liqueur
ABV 31.0% | 750.0 ML
Grand Marnier Quintessence Liqueur
ABV 40.0% | 750.0 ML
Kahlua Midnight
ABV 35.0% | 750.0 ML
Disaronno Italian Liqueur
ABV 28.0% | 1.0 L
DOM Benedictine Liqueur
ABV 40.0% | 1.0 L
Discontinued Item

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