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Purity Vodka Connoissuer 51 Reserve

Purity Distillery is located on the Ellinge Castle estate in Sweden. The brand makes a variety of certified organic vodkas (as well as gin) with varying numbers of distillations. Each of the vodkas is made with both malted barley and Swedish winter wheat. The mash is run through the copper still system consisting of a 600-liter pot still connected to two column stills, each with 8 plates. For this Connoisseur 51 Reserve, it is run through three times with each plate considered a distillation. This heart is collected and blended with column-distilled organic wheat spirit.

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Volume: 750 ML

Category: Vodka

Brand: Purity

Distillery: N.S.

Region: Sweden

Age: N.S.

ABV: 40.0%

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