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Boulder Bourbon
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Boulder Bourbon

Boulder Bourbon is an exceptionally unique, Limited Release product that is blended from the distillers pick of only the best barrels of our aged bourbon.

Vapor Distillery has a custom designed and imported Scottish Copper Pot Still. This Scottish Still, due to its wide shape, imparts considerably more flavors than a traditional American column still.

Our mash bill has just enough corn to allow it to be called a Bourbon, but that amount of corn gives the sweetness you would expect. Higher malted barley mash bill than any distilleries in the US, a whopping 44%, which gives our Boulder Bourbon a smooth fruity taste.

The malted barley allows the small amount of Rye to shine but a lot of the spiciness is coming from the barrel as is the sweetness.

Barrels, after handcrafting the bourbon aged Boulder Bourbon on premise and in New American Oak Barrels with a #3 Char which gives it a dark color.

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Volume: 750 ML

Category: Bourbon, American Whiskey

Distillery: Vapor Distillery

Region: United States

Age: N.S.

ABV: 42.0%

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