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Brandy, taken from the dutch word "brandewijn" meaning "burnt wine", is produced by distilling wine. It is not just popular as an after dinner drink but is used as a flavoring in desserts and also considered useful to treat various diseases. The term Brandy basically means liquor obtained from distillation of wine, mash, pomace or even fruits. It generally contains 35-60 percent alcohol by volume. Some brandies are aged in wooden casks, some are given the effect of aging by caramel coloring and others are produced by combination of aging and coloring. And when it comes to taste and aroma, they are as diverse as wine or beer. So, choosing the right brandy for you can be extremely difficult as choosing the right wine. Great varieties of wine brandy can be found across the winemaking world. However, the most popular ones are Cognac and Armagnac from Southwestern France. At Oaks Liquors, we provide you a great selection of the best brandies from Germain Robin, Metaxa, Pisco Porton at the lowest prices.

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